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Tiger Shark City

Tiger Shark City Time Line

 September 2019

  • Students are introduced to our new adventure,  MicroSociety, using HEART lessons (Humanity, Ethics, Aesthetics, Responsibility, Respect, Reflection, Reason, and Trust)

October 2019

  • Students apply to attend Leadership/Managerial, Finance or Constitution Academies
  • Students create and ratify the city constitution

November 2019

  • Student campaign for mayor, grade representatives (PreKinder, Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd),  and an at large
  • Elections 
  • Swearing-in ceremony of elected officials
  • Students begin to write resumes 
  • Job Fair Preview
  • Students will submit applications and resumes
  • Interviews

January 2020

  • Students go to work
  • Payday on Fridays
  • Students work on preparing their business to open (a business proposal, budget proposal, and loans)
  • Warehouse orders submitted and filled

February 2020

  • Students assigned a day off from their place of employment
  • Businesses create their Employee Handbooks
  • 1st Business Day
  • 1st Market Day (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • 1st Reflection Day